From creation of CAD data and 2-D sketches to product design and all the way to reverse engineering: we offer added-value to take your business to the next level.

3-D Printing

We print components for highly complex parts that cannot be made using conventional production methods. As a service provider, we also print moulds for other foundries. 3-D printing technology makes it possible to design new and until now unimagined forms in the field of architecture.

Casting Using All Standard Alloys

We are able to use all standard alloys in our moulds – whether in-house when it comes to aluminium and copper materials or through our partners when it comes to iron-based materials.

Mechanical Processing

Along with casting, our portfolio includes everything from mechanical processing, surface treatments and pressure tests all the way to inspections and acceptance from testing institutes. We provide you with ready-to-install components – and save you time and energy by ensuring that your needs are met after the first conversation. Our motto is: “High-quality casting and services, delivered on schedule from a single source.”

Surface Treatment

Together with our partners, we offer you every possible surface treatment: silvering, nickeling, chroming, anodising and more.

Leak Tests

As a manufacturer with SVTI certification, we can perform every kind of leak test with helium, air and water.

Assemblies And Partial Assemblies

We can offer you finished, assembled components as well as partial components – it’s your choice.

Destructive And Non-Destructive Testing

Together with our testing partner Qualitech AG, we offer the entire range of destructive and non-destructive tests for moulded parts.
Production Types And Dimensions
Moulded in a moulding line up to 650 × 500 × 250/250 mm
Hand moulded up to 3000 × 2000 × 1200 mm
Aluminium alloys up to 500 kg unit weight
Copper alloys up to 450 kg unit weight